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About Us

About Us

Bringing together the best minds under one roof

A little history…
UCOM Technologies is a fast growing Information Technology company in Nigeria and has a clientele base in almost all part of the Country and currently operating in Lagos, Ogun and Oyo States. We are an establishment specialising in Web Design, Web Hosting, Domain Registration, System Supplies, Internet Business, Software Development, Database Management, Computer Supplies, Online Advertisements, Online Business Development Consultancy, and Infotech Training. When you put brilliant creative, master strategists, technical geniuses and gurus all in a room together, the energy and the ideas explode. At UCOM Technologies , we draw out team from exposure, experience and ability. Every project is run through a line of experts each of whom specialises in a certain area giving you the most elaborate system you would imagine. We also have wide varieties of marketers around Nigeria. All our systems and trainings  are also delivered to our client’s satisfaction…………. UCOM Technologies has successfully helped design and implemented so many software packages and have engaged in training a large number of students, graduates, workers and professionals around the country.
To create a high number of enlightened computer expert, successful online business minded individuals and to also create world class solutions to meet the technological problems in the world.
To be the best creative and innovative InfoTech organisation in the world, producing high standard solutions and technologies that can impact the world positively and in raising multimillionaire online business owners.
Writing our own history
We have implemented computer software’s being used at various levels, Government, Universities, Organisations and Establishments. We have also trained business experts, professionals, students and lot of people on IT related topics and courses.

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