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UCOM Technologies

Providing Technological Solutions

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    10 Mistakes to Avoid When Starting an Online Business
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    How To Start A Business Online


We are into both software and website development. Our services are highly competitive and are irresistible solutions.


We offer various trainings, such as, online business entreprenuership training, web development and software, and other ICT related trainings


Our consultancy service is out of the box, we partner with you to success, because your success is our success. You are our priority


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Ready to become an online business development expert?

UCOM TECHNOLOGIES offers workshops and courses to help to get your development up to speed with the latest technologies. In an environment where technology is constantly evolving its important that you stay current and up to date. Our courses are proven to help you DEVELOPE on your own a successful online product and to get up to speed with the latest tech resulting in cost savings and improved development times. Our workshops run between 6 to 7 hours and are absolutey affordable and quality filled.

How to develope your online business, Developing a website for you business, Website Development Training

This is a mega training, which would cover everything you need to know in developing your online product and becoming an expert

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We have developed over 30 different websites, for government agencies, industries, stores and companies both in and outside nigeria



We have trained over 50 personnels on each of the areas of specialties as stated, and they are doing wonderfully well at their various locations



Our consultancy services has been very great and customers have found it very important to be coming over all the time to do more business with us



We are a company, with a process of operation and it has helped to yield alot from the years.

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